2016-08-09Source code history pruned and code moved to Git repository.
2015-09-21Experimental 64-bit binary releases of nanomsg 0.6-beta and jsmn, as possible dependencies for UMWM. Both libraries compiled using TDM-GCC 5.1 x86_64.
2015-09-18Updating Code::Blocks to version 13.12 + nightlies. Switching old compiler to TDM-GCC 5.1 (64-bit only). Updating website.
2015-09-17Minor update to the web-site and development resumed.
2012-03-21Planning to use 0MQ for C/S protocol, instead of designing and implementing a new one.
2010-05-30Development resumed. Minor changes to the web site hosted by SF.
2008-06-06SVN revision 46+ contains Code::Blocks 8.02 workspace and project files.
2007-09-07I am going to move from plain makefile to either wxDEV-C++ or Code::Blocks for further developing and debugging UMWM. (eal)
2006-06-25Code update. In revision 31 there is some base RPC code. It is quite experimental and current UWMW clients simply crash on startup. Code is also incomplete (message queues are unimplemented at the moment).
2006-03-16Initial project code put under Subversion control at Sourceforge.
It compiles fine, but it does not work. UMWM client programs (see demo/hello) work in local mode (they use the local Win32tm windowing API).
2006-03-09Project UMWM created on Sourceforge.


UMWM is a suite of Win32/Win64 open source applications written in C/C++. Good knowledge of C/C++, network communications, and Win32/Win64 is required to help develop and improve UMWM.

If you want to compile UMWM yourself:

  1. install a Git client (TortoiseGit and/or SourceTree suggested);
  2. install Code::Blocks 16.01;
  3. install Code::Blocks nightlies;
  4. clone the umwm repository using your Git client:
  5. let's assume the root of your working copy is C:\umwm);
  6. run Code::Blocks and open the workspace C:\umwm\umwm.workspace
  7. now you should be able to compile UMWM's libraries and applications.

Project Page

Project page for UMWM Project on Sourceforge can be found here.


Write to eal at users dot sf dot net. Logo

Updated: 2017-01-14